2018/02/22 TOEIC

TOEIC was held after the scheduled time today.

But I was unable to take the exam because of a wrong place.

I'm so dumb!


2018/02/21 Disappointing

I hardly talked in business trip destination today.

Almost my boss was talking.

 It's a shame...


2018/02/20 Description on tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first day I descript to NRA.

 It will be pretty nervous.

But I can not iron the shirt tonight because I packed the irons for moving of this weekend!

I don't remember which box I packed...

What a disaster!


2010/02/19 Working style

The other day, I was suggested to my boss whether to apply for work at home as well.

I don't want to work at home, but it is not bad if there is overtime allowance.

Talk to the section manager tomorrow and ask if I can lend to the PC for wirking at home.


2010/02/18 The Phantom of Baker Street

Today I watched the movie of "The Phantom of Baker Street".

This is a movie that is my most favorite title in the movie series of "Detective Conan".

B.T.W., today I prepared for our moving to a new house next weekend.


2018/02/16 Ryushoen→Karaoke

After a long time, I went to karaoke with Hajime. Before going there, we ate Chinese food at "Ryushoen" along Peace Traffic.

At a Chinese restaurant we were with a Takeshita who came to Hitachi for internship. He is a student of Kitakyushu sity university where my Ex-girlfriend was. He knew Kurume National College of Technology "KNCT", my alma mater, because in his university there were temporary teachers Tanino, he teaches thermal fluid optics at KNCT.

He also knew Minami who came to Hitachi for internship from Kyushu University. Originally, I was supposed to have been drinking with Minami on Thursday. However, the business trip was prolonged and I could not join the drinking. Even though I planned the drinking party, I could not go eventually, I left the secretary all to Kawamoto!

I think that I will meet Minami at the recruiting party next month, I am looking forward to seeing him.


2018/02/15 Work about nuclear society

Today, I went to Tokyo for the business trip related in nuclear society.

The opinion of the elderly person becomes very learning for me.

I felt that I have to learn a lot more now.