2018/04/25 Expression for the person outside my company

It is good at my expression for NRA.

I responded NRA counciler's each questions and comments properly.

It has become clear thst it is very important to assume questions in advance.


2018/04/19 Contact with family

Lately I couldn't see my child and wife a lot.

I wonder if my child don't remember his father's face!

Today, I go back to home at the time my child is awake for the first time in a long time.

And I intwnd to take a bath with him.

I'm very much looking forward to it.


2018/04/19 Morning work

Yeaterday, I went to workplace at 6:00 and started the work two hours earlier than usual.

No one work at that time in the workplace, so I got work good and enjoied working while listening to music.


2018/04/18 The time spent with my son

Lately the time spent with my son is shortly.

I can see  him only morning because he usually sleep when I come back to home.

So the time I can see him is about 20 minutes a day.

I have to improve somehow.


2018/04/16 Set for work

I feel that work will not progress throughout the day unless I get dressed.

My hairstyle is not really cool today.

So I  had a bad day.


2018/04/15 Purchase of foliage plant

Today I purchased foliage plant for the living room.

I choice a ficus Arteshima.

My living room became brilliant!


2018/04/14 Chu's wedding

Chu, my colleague, got married and today there was his wedding ceremony.

It was so fun that there was a lot of cute girls.

But they was so energetic. So I was tired.