2018/03/22 Reading book about modern Japanese history

Lately I have been reading a book about modern Japanese history.

I recently thought that I should know about modern history, especially around the world war.

The book's title is "それでも、日本人は戦争を選んだ".

I read about 1/10 now. It seems good. 

I'm looking forward to reading the rest.


2018/03/21 It can't go easy

Today I practiced playing guitar all day.

I don't get much better easily.

I wonder if l surely be possible to perform until the actual.


2010/03/20 Kushitombo with Miura, Matsuura

Today is drinking party too.

We drink at Kushitombo with Miura and Matsuura on the way home from work regularly.

It seems that Miura have a lot grievance to our company.

Let's make approach to ladies for now without giving up.


2018/03/19 Farewell party for Tanno

Today farewell party was held for Tanno at "Gril Sakuma".

Tanno, he is my colleag, will be going to transfered to Tokyo.

His wife (he just married this month) work at Ueno, so I assume It is good timing for him.


Hatakeyama, Yokoyama and Sakai attended in the party. Hatakeyama is a freshman of "genshikei" department. I heared some rumors from them.

Nodochan seems to be bad terms with Yuichan.

Nodochan seems to have liked Takemoto when she first joined our company. I don't know how it is now.

Meguchan hates him because he asked Meguchan out before going out with Tadokoro. It seems that Meguchan told she want him to quit the company. She hate him a lot.


2018/03/18 Play Guitar in Studio

Today I will play guitar with band member in studio.

Actually, I have conceived to be planned practicing in studio at yesterday.

I went to studio yesterday, there are no one...

My god!


2018/03/17 Practice of guitar

At the drinking party of our company to be held at the end of this month, I and my colleagues are supported to play bands.

I'm in charge of vocals, but I 'm going to play guitar as well.

I can't play at all, I have to practice hard.


2018/03/16 Fukuoka Again

Although it's very hot during the day, it's cold at night.


I.have decided Fukuoka business trip at next weekend. Yay.