2018/05/24 Public bath, Yura-no-Sato

I just finished today's work.

I'm going back to home.

After that, I go to Yura-no-Sato with Takeshi and Kota.

I think we'll talk about Takeshi's wedding party held in two month later.

I was informed that I'll be in charge of secretary of the Takeshi's wedding second party.


2018/05/22 Allergy to Pollen

Lately I sneeze frequently.

I seem it is allergy to pollen.

My sneeze is very noisy, so I think people near my seat must be tired of my sneeze.

Let's make a mask from tomorrow.


2018/05/21 Business trip

I went to business trip to Toko-dai in this afternoon.

I took a big paper bag from my house to carry the materials.

Today I bought cream breads for my wife as souvenir.

I gotta eat together after going home!



2018/05/14 went to home earlier

Yesterday, I went to home earlier because my I want to see my wife and child as soon as possible.

But my job team was busy preparing materials submitted this week.

I finished work, so I can go home.