2018/05/24 Public bath, Yura-no-Sato

I just finished today's work. I'm going back to home. After that, I go to Yura-no-Sato with Takeshi and Kota. I think we'll talk about Takeshi's wedding party held in two month later. I was informed that I'll be in charge of secretary of t…

2018/05/22 Allergy to Pollen

Lately I sneeze frequently. I seem it is allergy to pollen. My sneeze is very noisy, so I think people near my seat must be tired of my sneeze. Let's make a mask from tomorrow.

2018/05/21 Business trip

I went to business trip to Toko-dai in this afternoon. I took a big paper bag from my house to carry the materials. Today I bought cream breads for my wife as souvenir. I gotta eat together after going home!

2018/05/18 Sleep, but powerful

Last yesterday, I worked allnight. So I'm very sleep all day after that day. But I am doing well.

2018/05/16 All night working

I worked all night until six in the morning. Oh my...

2018/05/14 went to home earlier

Yesterday, I went to home earlier because my I want to see my wife and child as soon as possible. But my job team was busy preparing materials submitted this week. I finished work, so I can go home.

2018/05/13 Job interview

My son Kazuya was auditioned by the tarent office. I was tired...

2018/05/12 Visit to my sister's home

I have visited to my sisyer's home in Tokyo with my family. It's the first time to see Kazuya. We will stay here overnight today. Anyway, my stomach hurts!

2018/05/07 iPad for my business

Today an iPad was distributed to me! This is part of an attempt to improve work efficiency. I was chosen as a example person using iPad. I don't know how to use iPad for business a lot, I try various thing.

2018/04/28 Yamada just married

Yamada, my high school classmate just married today. My classmate marry about once every six month, so class reunion don't be held these days. Well I don't mind. Anyway, It was good party.

2018/04/27 Visit my hometown

My family, I, Itomi and Kazuya, is staying my hometown in this GW. Kazuya is the first time to meet his grandparents and great-grandparents. I was being worried whether he cry in airplane because it was a first time for him to take an airp…

2018/04/25 Expression for the person outside my company

It is good at my expression for NRA. I responded NRA counciler's each questions and comments properly. It has become clear thst it is very important to assume questions in advance.

2018/04/19 Contact with family

Lately I couldn't see my child and wife a lot. I wonder if my child don't remember his father's face! Today, I go back to home at the time my child is awake for the first time in a long time. And I intwnd to take a bath with him. I'm very …

2018/04/19 Morning work

Yeaterday, I went to workplace at 6:00 and started the work two hours earlier than usual. No one work at that time in the workplace, so I got work good and enjoied working while listening to music.

2018/04/18 The time spent with my son

Lately the time spent with my son is shortly. I can see him only morning because he usually sleep when I come back to home. So the time I can see him is about 20 minutes a day. I have to improve somehow.

2018/04/16 Set for work

I feel that work will not progress throughout the day unless I get dressed. My hairstyle is not really cool today. So I had a bad day.

2018/04/15 Purchase of foliage plant

Today I purchased foliage plant for the living room. I choice a ficus Arteshima. My living room became brilliant!

2018/04/14 Chu's wedding

Chu, my colleague, got married and today there was his wedding ceremony. It was so fun that there was a lot of cute girls. But they was so energetic. So I was tired.

2018/04/13 It smells in the train

This rail car is a little smelly. It smells sour and sweat of middle age. I wonder if I gradually start to smell too...

2018/04/12 Tired

My neck is sore. It's due to long desk work. Additionaly, I feel my body is very heavy because the tiredness of the marathon at last weekend remains. Let's go home earlier today, following yesterday.

2018/04/10 Business trip about AESJ

I went to Osaka today for business trip related to AESJ. I finally feel accustomed to work related to the societies. I guess it will be half a year later to come to Osaka on my business trip.

2018/04/08 Half marathon

I first participated in a Sakura roadrace and first ran half marathon. 1 week ago, I ran 7km in practice. Thanks to that, the half marathon was able to run comfortably. My score is 2'06. I think It is a good time for the first try.

2018/04/05 Drinking before the job interview

Today I had dinner with Minami, a student of Kyushu univ. and he will go to job interview for Hitachi. I hope he will be accepted for employment interview.

2018/04/04 WBS

The amount of work I'm in charge is gradually increasing. I need ingenuity to manane my work. I intend to try to make WBS.

2018/04/03 Good Feeling

Lately my work is fulfilling. I 'm working on my own and I feel I have a certain responsibility. I feel my growth.

2018/03/31 Busy Busy

I am busy with my work. I worked in Saturday all day. I can't understand why there are such a large workload.

2018/03/28 Band Performance

Today I performed bands at drinking party of our department. I throat of tone was exceedingly poor, but happy to sing fun! After all, I band is fun.

2018/03/24 Flight Delay

I was intend to return to Ibaraki by flight departing at 8:00. Unfortunatery the run way was closed due to a flat tire of another airplane, and the departure time was delayed greatly. Although it was 7:00 that I arrived at the airport, it …

2018/03/23 Kyushu Uni. Student

I worked at Kyushu brunch office for recruitment today. I saw some Kyushu university student, It seemed they all excellent. There are experience abroad. But it seemed that everyone is not good at interviewing.

2018/03/22 Reading book about modern Japanese history

Lately I have been reading a book about modern Japanese history. I recently thought that I should know about modern history, especially around the world war. The book's title is "それでも、日本人は戦争を選んだ". I read about 1/10 now. It s…