2018/03/22 Reading book about modern Japanese history

Lately I have been reading a book about modern Japanese history. I recently thought that I should know about modern history, especially around the world war. The book's title is "それでも、日本人は戦争を選んだ". I read about 1/10 now. It s…

2018/03/21 It can't go easy

Today I practiced playing guitar all day. I don't get much better easily. I wonder if l surely be possible to perform until the actual.

2010/03/20 Kushitombo with Miura, Matsuura

Today is drinking party too. We drink at Kushitombo with Miura and Matsuura on the way home from work regularly. It seems that Miura have a lot grievance to our company. Let's make approach to ladies for now without giving up.

2018/03/19 Farewell party for Tanno

Today farewell party was held for Tanno at "Gril Sakuma". Tanno, he is my colleag, will be going to transfered to Tokyo. His wife (he just married this month) work at Ueno, so I assume It is good timing for him. Hatakeyama, Yokoyama and Sa…

2018/03/18 Play Guitar in Studio

Today I will play guitar with band member in studio. Actually, I have conceived to be planned practicing in studio at yesterday. I went to studio yesterday, there are no one... My god!

2018/03/17 Practice of guitar

At the drinking party of our company to be held at the end of this month, I and my colleagues are supported to play bands. I'm in charge of vocals, but I 'm going to play guitar as well. I can't play at all, I have to practice hard.

2018/03/16 Fukuoka Again

Although it's very hot during the day, it's cold at night. I.have decided Fukuoka business trip at next weekend. Yay.

2018/03/15 Study of English

Lately I frequently play using English study app.. I hope my English conversation skills become improve by this. Google translation is still essential when writing diary in English.

2018/03/14 White Day

Today is a construction day connecting the net line. Since moving in February, we haven't had wi-fi in our house. Finally restored from today. Phew, what a relief.

2018/03/13 Work of Charge

I am in charge of creating and revising standard of certain products. These days, There are statistical analyzes of test result of prodicts and work that reflects knowledge obtained from the results in the standards, so academic knowledge …

2018/03/12 Language study app.

I found good app. It's been a while since I started to write a diary in English. I often don't know how to express myself in English. At such time, I can use the app. I found an applications that lets you show me how to write your native l…

2018/03/11 Fukuoka, good place

I came to Fukuoka, my home town, to attend my friend's wedding. I talked about my retirement with my mother. My cousin might live in Fukuoka after graduating from college. Accordingly, my little brother will quite his job and live in Fukuo…

2018/03/10 Yakabe's Wedding Ceremony

I perticipated in a Yakabe's wedding ceremony held in Saga. I have met her in the Tanaka's wedding ceremony. She was cute today too. Well done!

2018/03/09 Obsessed with anime

I got into anime of SAO these days. I always watch it when I have time. That's why the update of this diary is dismissed.

2018/03/07 Overslept

I was planning to take the 8:00 return flight to the office from Fukuoka. To do that, I had needed to wake up at 6:00 in the morning. However, I woke-up this morning at 7:00! I woke up, checked out the hotel in 10 minutes, went to the stat…

2018/03/06 Morning Cafe

There is recruiting seminar for kyushu university student at Fukuoka branch office this afternoon. I've been staying there since yesterday, I'm relaxing at seattle's best coffee in the morning. This cafe is in the basement of Hakata statio…

2018/03/05 Business trip to Fukuoka

For recruitment, I'm moving to Fukuoka now. I'm not going to stay parent's house because arrival will be late.Now if I think about it, I should have stayed at my parents house because we don't easily.

2018/03/04 muscle pain

I ran 7~8 kilometers along the coast yesterday because I will participate in a marathon next month. After one day the calves and thighs became muscle pain. I'm still young.

2018/03/03 Treatment of hands at Dermatology

I went to hospital to get diagnose my hands and lip. When I was lining up at outside the hospital's entrance before opening, the middle age lady lined up in front of me suddenly big farted! Oh Jeaus!

2018/03/02 Friday

I usually work till late on every friday, today I came home early because of Misunderstanding today as Thursday. Whatever.

2018/03/02 Communication

These days it is not good to communicate with my wife. The mood in our hoise is not good. Let me give this poem to such a me. "The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said" by Peter Drucker.

2018/03/01 Skin Problems

These days my hand and lips have been damaged and inflamed heavily. I assume it cause stress. Recently, the mood of my wife is terrible caused by tired of parenting. What should I do?

2018/02/25 Moving, New House

On last friday, I moved to the new house I got built. Moving was hard, but new house is very good.It seems that it will take more time to clean up all.

2018/02/22 TOEIC

TOEIC was held after the scheduled time today. But I was unable to take the exam because of a wrong place. I'm so dumb!

2018/02/21 Disappointing

I hardly talked in business trip destination today. Almost my boss was talking. It's a shame...

2018/02/20 Description on tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first day I descript to NRA. It will be pretty nervous. But I can not iron the shirt tonight because I packed the irons for moving of this weekend! I don't remember which box I packed... What a disaster!

2010/02/19 Working style

The other day, I was suggested to my boss whether to apply for work at home as well. I don't want to work at home, but it is not bad if there is overtime allowance. Talk to the section manager tomorrow and ask if I can lend to the PC for w…

2010/02/18 The Phantom of Baker Street

Today I watched the movie of "The Phantom of Baker Street". This is a movie that is my most favorite title in the movie series of "Detective Conan". B.T.W., today I prepared for our moving to a new house next weekend.

2018/02/16 Ryushoen→Karaoke

After a long time, I went to karaoke with Hajime. Before going there, we ate Chinese food at "Ryushoen" along Peace Traffic. At a Chinese restaurant we were with a Takeshita who came to my company for internship. He is a student of Kitakyu…

2018/02/15 Work about nuclear society

Today, I went to Tokyo for the business trip related in nuclear society. The opinion of the elderly person becomes very learning for me. I felt that I have to learn a lot more now.